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Brachoria guntermountainensis Marek 2010

The Gunterís Mountain Mimic Millipede

Paul Marek
Containing group: Brachoria


Brachoria guntermountainensis individuals are about 42.8 mm long and 11.0 mm wide (females 49.35 mm X 10.8 mm).  Color: Striped red.

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Brachoria guntermountainensis genitalia - left male gonopodal acropodite (with setae removed): (Left) medial view and (Right) magnified apical view. © Paul Marek


Brachoria guntermountainensis specimens were collected during the day (13:00) on the north slope of Gunter’s Mountain in a mixed deciduous and pine forest during rainfall.  Individuals were found beneath layers of decomposing leaves near the Tennessee River, within about 15 m from the water.  One other xystodesmid encountered sympatrically at this locality is Cherokia georgiana latassa, which appears similar in coloration to B. guntermountainensis.  Note: Individuals of B. guntermountainensis may be confused in the field with C. georgiana latassa due to similarity in color patterns, and with B. enodicuma, B. hubrichti, and B. initialis as a result of potential co-occurrence.


Known only from the type locality on the banks of the Tennessee River in Jackson Co., Alabama.  The distribution of B. guntermountainensis, close to the Tennessee River, was probably larger historically and before the impoundment of the section in 1939.  The closest known Brachoria species, B. hubrichti occurs about 1.8 air km NW near Blowing Cave; B. enodicuma, occurs about 16 air km northeast across the river, and B. initialis about 18 air km east on Split Rock Mountain, near Paint Mountain.

Conservation status

Brachoria guntermountainensis is threatened by habitat loss due to agriculture (especially growing demand for paper products), coal mining, development, and the invasion of exotic species.


Marek P.E. 2010. A revision of the Appalachian millipede genus Brachoria Chamberlin, 1939 (Polydesmida: Xystodesmidae: Apheloriini). Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 159: 817-889.

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Brachoria guntermountainensis

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