Gonatus antarcticus: Description continued

Tsunemi Kubodera
  1. Arms
    1. Median and marginal arm IV suckers nearly same size and about 1.5 times larger than marginal suckers of other arms.
    2. Large marginal suckers of arms I-III each with 6-9 pointed teeth on distal margins of inner rings, proximal margins smooth; marginal and medial suckers of arms IV with 7-8 pointed teeth.

  2. Tentacles
    1. Ventral marginal zone of manus with 14-15 trabeculae each with 3-4 suckers.
    2. Ventral marginal zone suckers with 7 blunt teeth; dorsal marginal zone suckers with 6-7 blunt teeth.
    3. Carpus with 5-6 large, smooth-ringed suckers set alternately on thick ridges with fleshy knobs.

  3. Mantle
    1. Mantle slender, moderately thick and muscular.

  4. Fins and tail
    1. Fins sagittate with roundish sides; length ca. half ML; posterior margins slightly concave. Long, gelatinous tail present from posterior end of gladius to tip of fins.

  5. Pigmentation
    1. Epidermis densely spotted with purplish chromatophores.

  6. Measurements and counts
Character/Station no.  NSMT Mo-63957
47°S, 60°W 
40°S, 35°W
Z00l.Mus. Copen.
Locality ?
Sex  -- --
Mantle length
235  218 
Tail length  50 52  54 
Mantle width
40 42  44 
Fin Length 114 103  101 
Fin width 95 84  89 
Head length  28 35
Head width  32  28  35 
Eye diameter  22  24 
Nuchal cartilage length  23  22 
Nuchal cartilage width  8.5 
Funnel cartilage length  22  21 
Funnel cartilage width  5.8  7.0 
Arm length, right
 I90  103  74* 
   II92  110  110 
   III70**  113  105 
   IV104  104  108 
Arm length, left
 I88  91 
   II91  115 
   III91  114 
   IV102  110 
1/2 Arm, right armature count*
 I20s/1s+17h  22s/19h 
   II22s/1s+19h  24s/2s+21h 
   III18s/13h**  22s/2s+20h 
   IV44s  50s 
1/2 Arm, left armature count*
 I18s/1s+17h  21s/2s+20h 
   II24s/1s+20h  22s/2s+20h 
   III22s/1s+21h  21s/2s+21h 
   IV46s  50s 
Tentacle length
 right 240 280  150 
   left238  145 
Club length
 right35  33  35 
   left34  34.8 
Club sucker count
250-280  285-315 
Club median zone order***
HHhhhs  HHhhss  HHhhhh 
*Armature in proximal half of arm: marginal suckers/median suckers + hooks.
**Regenerated arm.
***Order of hooks and suckers in club median zone. H - distal large hook; H - central large hook; h - proximal small hook; s - proximal small sucker.
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Gonatus antarcticus

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