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Containing group: Troctomorpha


The family Sphaeropsocidae includes 3 genera and 15 species with worldwide distribution, but absent from Asia.  Within North America, two species of Sphaeropsocus have been found in ground litter in California and another species, Sphaeropsocopsis argentina, has been found in agricultural products introduced from Argentina.

Sphaeropsocids are tiny bark lice that resemble beetles.  Body color is brown.  They have been found in ground litter and dead leaves.


Discussion of Phylogenetic Relationships

Molecular analysis including one species of Badonnelia placed family Sphaeropsocidae in infraorder Amphientometae (18S nDNA; Johnson et al. 2004), but relationships within the family have not been investigated with molecular data.  Morphological study of the male genitalia of Troctomorpha supports the placement of Sphaeropsocidae as sister to the other members of infraorder Nonopsocetae (Yoshizawa & Johnson 2006).


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